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Welcome to Iron Swords![edit]

The year is 1456. The world is changing. But as the world changes, humans remain the same. The Federation of Argos the far west, once the Kingdom of Argos, is at war with both its northern neighbor and breakaway state, the Kingdom of Carrige, and a rebellious group known as the Church of Righteous Saints in the western provinces. Rumor has it that the Church is receiving arms and training from the Kingdom of Carrige and sightings of Carrigan agents confirms the suspicions of many.

The large plains known as the Great Expanse continues to be a place of tribalism and warfare, a bitter and embarrassing reminder to the more "civilized" peoples of what their ancestors were not so long ago. Due to the large area of the Great Expanse, hundreds if not thousands of tribes, both small and large living in the Great Expanse. In the mid-north of the Great Expanse, there is one tribe who is rising above the rest and uniting or conquering the tribes around them. Led by an enigmatic and authoritarian chieftain known only as the Khakhan, the Golden Horde is starting to cause some worry to both the tribes of the Great Expanse and the nations that surround the region.

In the Seres's heartland, the once great empire is in a state of chaos. The Successor States of the Seresian Empire, once waging an almost constant state of war and intrigue against one another, have united against a former Successor State; the Holy Republic of Calerath. In 1450, the Calerathian Revolution brought down the old order and replaced it with a new radical government. Now, the once-bickering nations have united to restore the old Kingdom of Middleland and end any notion of freedom for the common man; a task the monarchs of Seres have discovered to more than difficult.

Finally, in the southern reaches of Seres, the Kingdom of Caldania alone stands against a great power. The Asakartiyan Empire has reached the Voskar River and wage war against the Caldania. While the war between the two southern nations seems to lessened in intensity, frequent border skirmishes occur and there is the ever looming fear of a rekindling of fierce warfare. If this were to happen, Caldania's only hope would be to call upon their fellow Successor States once again to repel the invading hordes of the south. With their almost limitless resources and their army of countless thousands, it seems like only a matter of time before Caldania becomes just another kingdom under the control of the imperialistic Empire. If the other Successor States were wise, they would head Caldania's call for aid and support the struggling nation, for Asakartiya will not stop until all of Seres is brought into the Light of the Great Sun.














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